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The Vikas Group occupies a position of great respect in the automotive industry. A manufacturer and supplier of world-class products across applications in the automotive solutions and retail space, its reputation is attributed to the consistent quality and innovation it displays across its vast range. The group is a prominent market player in products such as Automotive Air-Conditioning (Compressor, HVAC & Hose & Pipe), Heat Exchangers (Condenser, Heater Core, Evaporator, Oil Cooler, Radiator, Room Application), Emission After Treatment (Design & Manufacturing of complete Catalytic convertor assemblies with substrate (DOC, POC, OFC, Brazed), coating (Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Bi Fuel, SCR, DPF) & canning) and high precision machined components (Exhaust Manifolds, Flywheels, Differential Case, Compressor parts and laser fractured connecting rod) & casting Components (For Brake System, Engine System, Transmission System). Read More

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